forme d'acqua

fountains for passion

We have created the brand Forme d’Acqua with the objective of giving a proper identity to our way of interpreting water. The evolution of this venture is not limited to identification:

Forme d’Acqua has become an incubator of ideas, of forward-thinking, of expression and of creative interpretations.

A new style, created intellectually and manually, to inspire through the experimentation and interaction of water with the other elements, like light, metals and glass, stone, wood…

Forme d’Acqua is not just a business: it is a way of thinking and understanding; an open approach; a audacious outlook that is bold enough to put the customers at the centre of the design work and interpret their desires. That is what our work is all about.

If you start dealing with water, first consult experience and then reason.

Leonardo da Vinci